Foundation Phase

Our uniform represents us as a school, a community and a team. Please adhere to the allocated dress code. Boys must have a Greenside badge on the pocket of their white school shirts. Girls are to wear green cycling shorts under their dresses. In winter, boys and girls are to wear their school tracksuit with a pair of white takkies. Adhering to the dress code for the various sports is also of utmost importance. Girls are to only wear green or red hair accessories and they must tie up their hair if it touches the collar of their uniform or is longer.

Intersen Phase

  • Learners must wear the required uniform and all items must be clearly marked.
  • Learners must wear their school uniform with pride.
  • The uniform must be worn correctly in school and outside of school. The learners are representatives of the school when wearing their uniform.
  • Girls’ dresses must be a modest length.
  • Girls may wear green trousers under their dress for religious reasons only. The green must be the school colour. The dress must still be on the knee or four fingers above.
  • Black school shoes must be worn at all times. No takkies may be worn to school for any reason.
  • Winter shirts – long-sleeved with top collar button with the school tie
  • Summer shirts – short-sleeved, open-necked with school badge
  • Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled especially jerseys.
  • Lost property is put into a cupboard near the learner’s lockers. Your child may ask at the office to look in the cupboard for any property he / she may have lost. The cupboard will be cleared on a monthly basis and the clothing found will be sent to a charitable organisation.
  • Please ensure that your child has not brought home uniform items not belonging to him/her.
  • Items not part of the school uniform will be confiscated.