Cultivate a learner-centred school that nurtures excellence and creativity to inspire the development of future leaders.

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We are committed to high-quality, learner-centred education for all learners. We aim to achieve this through innovative thinking. This mission is achieved by: Creating a caring, safe and happy environment for learners. Mentoring and developing learners to become creative, balanced, respectful, confident and courageous citizens. Providing an inclusive support system for each learner. Ensuring a professional and supportive environment so that teachers may flourish and develop their expertise. Encouraging parents and learners to be active participants in the development of our school and the broader community.

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We are happy to announce that all our staff members have been vaccinated. They received the Johnson ...

Our Pre-Primary

Greenside Private Pre-Primary School offers education in a personalised and unique environment fo...

Grade 1 at Greenside

Meet Mrs. Grobler, one of our new Grade 1 teachers. She is committed, loving and wants to make a dif...

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