In July 1940 the Greenside Extension Primary School opened its doors, with seven classrooms and administration offices.  Mr G.H.H. Nesbit was the first principal and a staff of four taught the 137 pupils, the first enrolled.
In the first year a Parent Teacher Association was formed to support the first Principal.  The following year two tennis courts were built and a sports field ploughed, levelled and planted with grass.
After the Second World War, the Greenside area grew substantially and in 1951 the school opened with an enrolment of 960 pupils and a teaching body of 23.  It soon became necessary to cope with the demand of pupils needing education, to establish Emmarentia Primary School at the beginning of 1953.
In 1952 Greenside Primary became the feeder school for the newly established Roosevelt High School.
In May 1954 work commenced on the building of the school hall, stage and the “green room” – a dressing room.  On the 10th September 1955, the school hall as well as the school itself was officially opened by the then Administrator of the Transvaal, Dr W. Nichol.
In 1957 further funds were raised for the building of a swimming pool, a sports pavilion and a library.  These were officially opened on the 28th February by Mr S. Emdin, Member of the Provincial Council.
1965 was a year of nostalgia for the staff and pupils as at the end of that year it was time to bid farewell to a much-loved Principal, Mr G.H.H. Nesbit, who had given Greenside Primary twenty-five years of dedicated service.

Mr F. Reuvers, Vice Principal for seventeen years, was appointed Principal and he continued with the good work and maintained the high standard of the school.  He remained Principal for the next nine years, retiring in April 1975.

Mr P. Tisdell became Principal in May 1975 until March 1978.

Mr P.G. Robertson was appointed in 1978 until 1980.

Mr J.D. Buccoli became the next Principal and served from 1980 to 1988.

Mr Booysen became Principal from 1989 until 1990.

Mrs R. Walters became the first female Principal in 1991 until 2002.

Mr D.A. Osburn took over in 2003 and retired in 2017.

Mrs C.L. Kotwal took over in 2018.

During the 1990’s many building projects, improvements and upgrades to the school buildings were undertaken.  The Teachers’ Centre was equipped, stockrooms were built, the cleaning staff’s quarters upgraded and a computer centre created.

In 1991, Greenside Primary School opened its doors to all race groups and pupil numbers were increased to 460, so another classroom was added on.

In 1992 a Pre-school was established in the sports pavilion,.

In 1993 the teacher/pupil ratio changed and the school status as a Model B to a Model C school.

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